About Intelek AI

Intelek AI researches and develops intelligent applications from end to end on multiple platforms. We research and develop AI solutions for a wide range of industries and use our expertise to help companies build intelligent applications to change the world. Our research and open-source projects are self-funded by our own AI products and providing B2B services. We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of artificial intelligence.

Our Vision

Intelek AI believes in the existence of artificial general intelligence. We aim to build high-quality intelligent applications along with reaching our final goal to search for artificial intelligence which will soon revolutionize the world.

Core Principles

  • Healthy Algorithms

    Intelek AI is up against any use of algorithms that cause addiction or manipulate users' behaviour for a business's profit. We oppose using user data or building algorithms to to harm users for profits at all costs.

  • No Data Tracking

    Intelek AI believes that data tracking is an unethical practice and users must be able to control their own data which cannot be sold to any entity for profit. All of our products do not track users' data and identity and any sensitive data is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud.

  • Creating Talents

    To achieve artificial general intelligence, We believe that we must first develop human intelligence, not only in our people but everyone around the world. One of our missions is to educate and mentor talents and help us achieve our final goal.

  • Technology Research

    Profit from our products is toward AI research and development. This will support us to create other useful applications to be accessible to everyone around the world.